Plumbing Services

We can convert your existing system to a solar by means of retro-fitting and we do all types of solar installations.

Burst Geysers

A burst geyser is every home owner’s worst nightmare, that’s where Trio Plumbing steps in and brings it under control. You can sit back and relax while we sort the problem.

Relocation of Geysers

If your geyser is situated in the kitchen, bathroom or flat roof, we can relocate it to a place where ever you preferred it to be. We build stands, covers and much more…

No Hot Water

Give us a brief explanation of your situation and we will give you immediate response, and quote to heat up life again

Pressure Valves

Pressure valve leaking more than two litres of water a day needs attention as soon as possible; this can be a result for damp or high water usage. We do all types of valves; most common valves are lacto, cobra kwikflo, masterflo and Calefi Valves.

Balanced Pressure

We can balance any resident to equal pressure, no more burning or freezing in showers, no more back pressure to geysers that means all piping and geyser is for life expended.

Poor Water Pressure

With proper site inspection we can install a pressure pump inline, or a tank depends on your needs. Just book for a free no obligation inspection quote.

Burst Pipes

The most common symptoms of a leaking pipe are:

Water meter running with all taps, toilets off.
Noisy pipes, sizzling at toilets.
Pressure on hot or cold water suddenly lower.
Not enough hot water.
High water accounts.
Permanent wet areas.

Leak Detection

In most cases we can locate an underground leak to within a metre or two which means we don’t have to dig up your garden or chop up your tiles, paving and slabs unnecessarily. Water leaks can occur in many different places in a home. It may come in the form of a leak in the shower, kitchen or geyser. Leaks in these areas are usually minor problems that can easily be detected and taken care of. Leaks become a bigger problem when they are in less visible places like a tank or pipe and that is where electronic leak detection comes in. we use the most top market German Products from Sewerin.


Generally, a burst/blocked pipe in an old pipe system (Drain or water) will be a recurring problem. Contact us for a quote to reroute these pipes, which will lower your costs and help you avoid recurring leak detection expenses. At Trio Plumbing, we only use SABS Approved materials. Our prices are competitive, and our work comes with a Guarantee.


We do all types of water pipes from Galvanised to pex pipe to all sizes.

Drain Location Camera

We can locate all your drains, depth with the pipe locator and sonde. We can inspect your drainage with CCTV and make a DVD on site.


Thermal Imaging Cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of electromagnetic spectrum and produce images that radiation, called Thermograms. The appearance and operation of a thermographic camera is often similar to a camcorder. Often the live thermogram reveals temperature variations so clearly that a photograph is not necessary for analysis. It can be used to find defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts. With the Infrared Camera we use you can detect where in the wall the leak is and the temperature.

Plumbing emergency? We are on call 24/7. Simply call our 24 hour emergency number.

Quick and Reliable Repairs of Leaks & Burst Pipes